Anna Findlay BSc MSc

Anna FindlayKinesiology

First appointment: 1-1/4 hours – cost £60, follow-ups 1 hour – £40, children up to 11 years £30 1 hour


Anna Findlay is constantly amazed how beneficial Kinesiology is for the mind and body.  Following a sustained period of ill health Anna turned to Kinesiology to get better.  Originally trained as a scientist before working in the pharmaceutical industry, Anna was so impressed by Kinesiology that she retrained at the renowned Classical Kinesiology Institute.  Based on Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology addresses the physical, emotional, energetics and nutritional needs of the body.  Using naturopathic techniques and herbs she helps the body to help itself.  Each treatment is as unique as you are!

Here’s a sample of the bespoke services Anna offers.

Food intolerance: tests over 100 foods and you can bring an additional 5-10 items

Vitamin & mineral deficiency: Anna will check if you are short of any of these, and if the ones you are taking are the correct ones/amount for your body. Bring what you are taking with you so they can be tested.

Mind and body MOT: ideally to be done at the change of every season, i.e. 3-monthly, to prepare and support your body for the next phase of the year. Treatment includes an immune system boost and thyroid check.

Candida check and eradication – usually takes 6 appointments. Using herbs and kinesiology techniques to eradicate Candida which can be behind many unusual dietary/bladder/mood problems. Your body will feel far less toxic and mood and concentration levels will improve.

Thyroid check: having an under or over active thyroid affects every cell in the body. It is notoriously difficult to identify using medical tests. Using kinesiology we can support and help your thyroid to keep your energy levels to their optimum.

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