JpegDr Annie Hatfield BSc MB BCh Lic Ac

First session: £55 1-1/2 hours  Follow-up: £45 1 hour

I qualified in Medicine in 1976 but was always looking towards a more Holistic model for my work. During 7 years working as a doctor at Bristol Cancer Help Centre in the early 80s, alongside my yoga and tai chi, I trained in Traditional Acupuncture at the College in Leamington Spa, qualifying in 1985. I have since added to this training and enjoy working with both Chinese and Japanese styles of Traditional Acupuncture.

I bring my medical practice into the experience of Acupuncture, which has a rigorous discipline of its own that looks for patterns within health and disease. Taking time to listen to your whole history enables me to find the appropriate patterns to treat. For this reason I allow more than an hour for the first session and an hour for the follow up which gives you time to relax into the treatment.

Acupuncture has huge scope and can be effective in all areas of health. If you want to discuss any aspect of treatment please don’t hesitate to contact me.

May 2021 – Annie is no longer taking on new patients as she is starting to wind her practice down – but we do have Heather Campbell who is seeing new people

Tel: 01736 795970/mob: 07540251575