Kevin Meyers DO (BSO Lond 1987)


Fees: Initial Consultation, with assessment and treatment, £46.00 (please allow 45 mins )
All follow up treatments are £36.00 (allow 30 mins )
Some concessionary rates are available for children and in special circumstances.

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Osteopathy recognises that much of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormalities in the body’s structure and function. Osteopaths diagnose and treat problems with muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints to help the body’s natural healing ability. Treatment involves gentle manual techniques, easing pain, reducing swelling and improving mobility.

At The Penzance Natural Health Centre our Osteopath prefers a gentle approach, using massage, functional and cranial techniques where appropriate. Osteopathy is most commonly used for back pain, which usually results from mechanical disturbances of the spine – postural strains, joint derangements and spinal disc injuries. Osteopathy is a particularly successful treatment for these problems.

However Osteopathy is used to treat a range of other issues as well, particularly headaches which can be caused by tension and stiffness in the neck, and it can help reduce pain and stiffness in the less acute stages of arthritis. Osteopathy can also be used to treat work-related health problems, such as RSI. Osteopaths are self-regulated by the General Osteopathic Council, which has a strict code of conduct and requires all Osteopaths to carry out Continuing Professional Development annually. Kevin is available to visit your workplace to carry out complete DSE (workstation) assessment to help minimise stresses and strains on your body as well as recommend other improvements to your working environment.

Kevin trained for four years full-time at the British School of Osteopathy in London. He treats a broad spectrum of patients and conditions, from the young to elderly, work related problems to sports injuries. Using a combination of gentle traditional osteopathic and occasionally dry needling (acupuncture) if required and suitable, he often sees acute cases as well as those seeking management of long term problems .


Tel: 07971856468