This is an alphabetical list of practitioners at the Centre.
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Ruth Baigent (Biodynamic Massage Therapy)

Heather Campbell (Acupuncture)

Debbie Wright (Hypnotherapy)

Shelagh Cleary (Homeopathy)

Jodi Capleton (Cranial Osteopath)

Daniela Schlemm (Life Therapy Coaching)

Tessa Goldhawk (Hypnotherapy)

Anna Findlay (Kinesiology)

Annie Hatfield (Acupuncture)

Therese Hawkins (Shiatsu/Healing)

Janet Hay (Medical Herbalist)

Elizabeth Laity (Physiotherapist)

Kevin Meyers (Osteopathy)

Penny Monger (Sports Massage)

Lorna Murray (Sports Massage)

Clare Savage (Reflexology)

Philippa Vaizey (Transpersonal Psychotherapist)