Therese HawkinsTherese Hawkins

Shiatsu, Healing; also ‘Well Mother’ Shiatsu


First session: 75 to 90 minutes :£ 40
Subsequent sessions : 1 hour : £ 40

You don’t have to be unwell to benefit from Shiatsu !
In this very busy world, Shiatsu can help bring about deep relaxation, harmony and a timeless grace. Shiatsu is the perfect way to find some ‘time out’ and stillness .

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing art, using acupressure points, finger and palm pressure, as well as gentle stretches and rotations, to rebalance energy flows throughout the body, deepening our breathing, bringing vitality, awareness and insight. Energy imbalances almost invariably lie at the root of most of our dis-ease and health problems, including back /joint pains, depression, stress, digestive upsets, headaches, lack of energy etc., and Shiatsu works gently to restore energy balance where necessary.

A Shiatsu session
A Shiatsu session is a whole body experience, tailored to the individual’s specific needs ; clients may also be given some appropriate exercises to help enhance and maintain their well-being . A great sense of ease and lightness is most usually experienced at the end of each session. Clients should wear comfortable, loose clothing for the sessions.

‘Well Mother’ Shiatsu sessions
I am also a Registered ‘Well Mother’ Shiatsu practitioner, supporting mothers’ own wisdom and well being, helping enhance her connection to her baby throughout pregnancy, labour and post-natally. ‘Couple’ sessions are also available , to enable partners to feel confident in giving appropriate Shiatsu support to help ease labour. For more information please see website : Suzanne Yates ‘Well Mother ‘.

My Training
I have worked at Penzance Natural Health Centre since it opened in 1984, first as a healer and later as a Shiatsu practitioner. I initially trained with the founder of the Devon School of Shiatsu, before completing my three year professional Diploma course at the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre in 1991. My approach is gentle, non invasive and Zen style. My personal practices include T’ai Chi, Qigong and Meridian exercises.

To make an appointment or for more information please contact

Therese on 01736 752375    or   Penzance Natural Health Centre on 01736 360522